Gardening at Home

Benefits of Gardening At Home

When you grow your own food you are more likely to eat the fruits and vegetables you grow!

  • Builds self reliance and resilience – Learn how to feed ourselves so we don’t have to rely on others
  • Soil, water, sunshine and air can improve our mental health and wellbeing
  • Requires movement that makes us healthier 
  • Cost savings 
  • Intergenerational interactions – people of all ages can come together to garden 
  • Beautifies spaces 

Preparing To Set Up Your Space

The size of your space and your budget will determine how much food you can grow and which way to grow makes the most sense. 

Types of Gardens

Decide What You Want To Grow

Set Up Your Growing Space

  1. Construct raised beds as needed or obtain grow bags or containers
  2. Purchase or make your own soil
  3. Add fertilizer

Plant Seeds or Seedlings

Tending To Your Garden

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