Taking Care of the Soil

Soil & Soil Health Workshop Recording

Principles of Soil Health

How to Make and Nourish your own Soil

How to help your soil retain more water

Places to Buy Seeds

Soil Contamination Testing

Logan Labs | Send them samples, and they will send you results.

Soil testing is an important part of creating a healthy ecosystem. Whether it be a backyard garden or a cash crop, the health of your soil matters. Watch the video to learn more about why you should soil test.

Soil and Plant Nutrient Testing Laboratory | Currently accepting new orders for ROUTINE SOIL ANALYSIS (including optional Organic Matter, Soluble Salts, and Nitrate testing), PARTICLE SIZE ANALYSIS, PRE-SIDEDRESS NITRATE (PSNT), and SOILLESS MEDIA orders ONLY. Please do not send orders for other types of analyses at this time. 

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