Welcome to Chicago Grows Food! A collaborative project devoted to expanding and unifying the food growing community in Chicagoland. We are working towards food sovereignty by providing the materials, tools, education and resources anyone needs to garden!

We believe that communities in and around Chicago deserve equitable and holistic health outcomes and that empowering and creatively connecting advocates for safe and environmentally-conscious food production, land stewardship, food access, food security and nutrition will help bring this vision to life.

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Feedback from Participants

Because of the one and only Chicago Grows Food grow bag I received, this spring we started our own seedlings and actually transplanted 7 different crops! I'm excited to say we've harvested our 1st zucchini and are looking forward to the rest of the season.

I felt really proud to be able to feed my family what I was growing in the backyard. And the grandkids. That made me so so excited to see the kids coming in and “Can we take a tomato? Can we take a cucumber?” And I will take them in and they would cut it themselves. And it was, I would do lettuce for the kids, some some salad for them. It just was very rewarding. And they see me as Grandma that has the garden. Grandma's, it's so much fun at Grandma's house. We get a chance to water the plants in the garden.

It just made me feel very relaxed when I would go out to my backyard after a long day, to be able to smell all the different herbs. So I mean that was very, something that I would always look forward to in the evening, like when the evening time came by, to be able to sit in my back porch and smell all those and look at them, and just feel, you know, satisfied.

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