About the Campaign

The coronavirus responsible for COVID-19 is affecting communities throughout the entire world both directly by causing illness and death and indirectly by exacerbating difficult socioeconomic circumstances for many. As one of the national hotspots in the United States, the city and suburbs of Chicago are facing a high case count with a disproportionate number of fatal cases impacting black and brown communities who were already experiencing ongoing crises from health disparities, poverty, and racism before this new crisis began. COVID-19 is simply making hard situations worse and creating new struggles as well.

With so many of our residents stuck at home and local food insecurity on the rise, we, a group of food growers based in Chicagoland, have chosen to do hopeful work in a serious time. We have created a food garden relief effort, the Grow Your Groceries Campaign, which aims to equip our neighbors in hard hit zip codes with the tools and materials they need to start growing healthy food at home right now.

We are getting Emergency Food Grow Kits to Chicago
families to provide real relief right now.

Will you help us?

Program Goals:

The goals of this campaign are:

Distribute emergency Grow Kits to individuals and families facing food insecurity in our city and surrounding communities.

Provide online and offline learning resources for Grow Kit recipients to take care of their donated kits and grow real food for their families right now.

Build community among people growing food at home to help fight social isolation and generate long-lasting social relationships that can help us navigate this and future storms.

Pair Grow Kits with at-home learning activities for students to continue engaging in hands-on learning (with the help of our education partners) during this time when they are unable to return to their school and, for some, their school gardens.

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Groceries campaign as a new sponsor or project partner?