Chicago Grows Food is participating in the #SeedMoneyChallenge, a 30-day fundraising challenge and we could really use your support TODAY! In addition to keeping 100% of the funds we raise from individuals like you, we have a chance to win a challenge grant of up to $1000 from SeedMoney based on how much we raise over the course of the 30-day period running from Nov 15 to Dec 15.

Welcome to Chicago Grows Food! A collaborative project devoted to expanding and unifying the food growing community in Chicagoland. We are working towards food sovereignty by providing the materials, tools, education and resources anyone needs to garden!

We believe that communities in and around Chicago deserve equitable and holistic health outcomes and that empowering and creatively connecting advocates for safe and environmentally-conscious food production, land stewardship, food access, food security and nutrition will help bring this vision to life.



homes received a garden to grow their own food.


sites partnered with CGF to distribute Grow Kits.


Chicago communities received CGF programs.